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Our Clinic is dedicated to providing services to patients with allergic disease, asthma, and immune deficiency.  Allergic diseases include environmental, food, and drug allergies: 

Environmental allergies – testing for environmental allergies is done by skin prick testing and in some cases RAST testing.  No additional fee is charged for skin prick testing as this is covered through OHIP.  Blood work for environmental allergies can be done in some cases.  There is an additional fee for this service when it is not provided through the hospital.  This is generally covered by patient’s health care insurance.

Food allergies - testing for food allergies is done in our Clinic using skin prick testing with commercial extracts.  We may require you to bring in food that is needed for testing.  In some cases, a graded oral challenge to the food is required and our Clinic can provide this service. 

Dietician:  We have a fully qualified dietician who specializes in food allergies.  consultation maybe arranged with our dietician.  This service is not covered by OHIP but your private insurance may cover this cost.  Please enquire for details. 

Investigation into Drug allergies is complicated.  Each drug is evaluated individually.  In some cases, testing or challenge may be required and this can be performed in our hospital setting. 

Asthma – investigations for asthma may be done at the Toronto East General Hospital at the fully functional Pulmonary Functional Testing laboratory.  Our physicians are trained in asthma management. Education and asthma action plans are the mainstay of our care. 

Immunoglobulin therapy – Our Clinic specializes in training for subcutaneous administration of immunoglobulin.  This is a service provided with patients who have a primary immune deficiency for whom this is indicated.