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Referrals – Patients can only be seen with referral from another physician.  Unfortunately, we cannot accept Walk In patients.  Please ask your doctor for a referral. Please be sure to bring your valid OHIP card to your appointment.

Patient preparation:  We ask that patients not take antihistamines and these would include medications such as Benadryl, Atarax, Reactine, Allergra, Claritin or Aerius three days prior to their appointment.  If however, antihistamines are being used to control severe urticaria and swelling, these patients should remain on their antihistamines prior to the clinic visit.  Most patients will undergo skin prick testing. Please click on the link for details regarding this procedure.

Handouts, dust mite protective measures, asthma action plans, ___ urticaria, subcutaneous immunoglobulin information, food allergy information including peanut and nut allergy, fish and shellfish allergy, Oral Allergy Syndrome, information on Epi-pen usage, information on antihistamines.